V series V series

The Leadwell Universal Vertical Milling Centers Council has also succumbed to new innovations.
The new "i" board offers linear rolling lines (increased speeds up to 36m / min), twin guide screws and installation of ISO40 spindles with maximum speeds and spindle drives according to customer requirements (from 6,000 to 15,000 rpm ). They can be built either as high-speed machines for finishing operations, but also as universal machines for standard use in every workshop.

VE high efficiency series VE high efficiency series

Vertical milling centers in the economical series

V-iT series V-iT series

V 20iT, V 40iT, V 60iT - vertical milling centers

LC series LC series

Leadwell vertical milling centers with automatic 2-pane swap changer.
These machines are designed for medium and large-scale production. They allow removal and positioning of the new workpiece on the first pallet during continuous workpiece machining on the second pallet. This virtually minimizes any machine downtime associated with workpiece replacement. This type range is also available with horizontal spindle mounting, see horizontal milling centers, type LCH500.



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