Vertical machining center Vertical machining center

The most popular and best-selling series of Pinnacle vertical milling centers has been upgraded.
The most innovative innovations include the new molding of the cast iron construction, which is typically more heavier than 500 to 1,000 kg over older models. Also, the new construction of the machine allows the installation of linear roller guides, which affects the speed of the small centers from 30m / min. The new design allows installation of the ISO50 springs from the VMC950 as well as the installation of larger throttle drives, where the 18.5 kW throttle drive with the two-speed automatic gearbox is no problem.

Horizontal machining center Horizontal machining center

These machines with CNC control are designed to replace the horizon with the pulling pin. It is particularly robust in T-machine design, where it is an X-axis path. Such a machine design is one of the rigidest rigid horizontal constructions.
The machines are delivered in a standard version with a horizontal spindle with a three-speed gearbox, a 500 mm or 700 mm pin extension, and an 1400x1600mm rotating table with CNC control for series 11 and, respectively, 2000x1800mm for Series 13. These rotary tables can be swapped behind a fixed board of dimensions 2000x1400mm, 3000x1400 in series 11, respectively. for solid tables according to customer requirements for series 13.

Double column machining center Double column machining center

The construction of this range of portal milling machines offers a wide range of vehicle sizes exactly according to customer requirements. Installing multiple types of milling heads also extends the possibilities of these machines.
These are oversized machines weighing several tens of tons, which also manage to work in automatic cycles with automatic tool change.

Milling machines Milling machines

They are designed for precise and rapid machining of general shaped surfaces, drilling, boring, reaming, thread cutting and milling of larger and form complex parts. The machine is built on a rigid cast iron structure, ensuring high machine dynamics comparable to CNC milling machining centers. For an extra charge, the machine can be loaded with a tool tray.

CNC vertical turning center CNC vertical turning center

CNC vertical turning centers by YU SHINE

CNC horizontal turning center CNC horizontal turning center

A series of productive lathes is designed for both small and large-scale production of precision components made from rod material, flanges and shafts.
The machines are based on linear rolling lines, which ensures the high dynamics of these machines.
The 3-axis version with the M mark allows basic milling operations using the Duplomatic tool head with VDI clamping and C axis support (spindle positioning) with a minimum spindle acceleration of 0.001 °.

Surface grinder Surface grinder

They are devices that serve for grinding operations of machine parts, planar surfaces, grooves and recesses in order to obtain high quality and surface accuracy.

Cylindrical and centerless grinder Cylindrical and centerless grinder

They are devices that serve for grinding operations of machine parts, inner and outer cylindrical and face surfaces in order to obtain high quality and surface accuracy

CNC Wire Cut CNC Wire Cut

The AC servo tensioning mechanism serves to maintain a constant tension on the wire when the wire is pulled back. Patent No. 1257887.
Wire end annealing and sharpening - In the case of wire breakage, the end of the wire is automatically cut and shrunk to the tip, heat-treated by annealing. This will minimize failures for self-extracting wire.
Automatic Accutex Waste Remover. The old wire removal system via the mechanical arm was limited by the length of the arm, max. the length of the wire he knew to remove was equal to the length of the shoulder. Longer wire has to be removed manually. The completely new Accutex system has no limits, eliminating residual wire in the waste container in the minimum amount of time. Patent No.210295.

Bandsaws Bandsaws

Manually operated circular saws with cut-down control with the option of single-sided or double-sided angular cuts with built-in cooling.
Waytrain semi-automatic band saws with excellent cutting power, with hydraulic handlebar, shoulder lift and cut-off.
Articulated and two-post powerful fully automatic band saws Everising and Waytrain with high precision division and rich accessory in the standard.
Band saws with vertical bearing arm are particularly suitable for cutting plate materials and metal plates.

Bandsaw blades Bandsaw blades

MIKRON SLOVAKIA s.r.o. is the exclusive seller of EBERLE saw blades
in the Slovak Republic since 1999.

Circular saws Circular saws

They are designed for precise and rapid separation of metallic materials in serial production up to 70mm, 100mm, 150mm and 230mm in diameter.

Circular saw blades Circular saw blades

Dutch manufacturer of saw blades on the market since r. 1964 and in the international markets since r. 1983. With its product representation on international markets, it is heading to a global leader in cutting-edge cutting technology.

Cutting tools Cutting tools

Wide choice of cutting tools from Tungaloy and Walter.

Clamping tools Clamping tools

Wide selection of clamping tools from Caporali and Kintek manufacturers.
Tool holders, wedges, housings, accessories, rotary holders, fixed holders

Oil Mist Collector Units Oil Mist Collector Units

Separators are used to extract unwanted oil nebula (or cold emulsion nebulae) arising from the cooling and machining of the workpiece either from the open or closed area of the metalworking machine. They are intended exclusively for "wet" suction.

Accessories Accessories

There are, of course, a myriad of accessories, and Mikron Group chooses the most used and the most popular ones.

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