SVW series SVW series

Vertical machining centers SVW
They are designed for accurate and fast machining of general shapes
surfaces, drilling, boring, reaming, cutting
threading and milling of large complex shapes
dimensions of weight and several tons.

SDM series SDM series

The range of vertical portal machining centers SDM is designed for precise and rapid machining of general shaped surfaces, drilling, drilling, reaming, thread cutting and milling of complex parts of large dimensions weighing several tons. Automatic tool change allows you to work in cycles.

S5F series S5F series

Extremely large model line with a X axis of up to 7,200 mm and a Y axis of up to 4,150 mm allow the head to be machined from 5 sides (every 90 °).
These are oversized machines weighing from 66,000kg to 88,000kg.

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