With rotary or fixed table without pinoll With rotary or fixed table without pinoll

These machines with CNC control are designed to replace smaller classical horizons. The construction of the machine is assisted by the so- cross table, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the production of these horizons.
The machines are supplied in a standard version with a horizontal spindle bearing with a two-speed gearbox, and the pin extension is replaced by a Z axis. These machines have rotary tables of various sizes installed. Rotary table positioning is accurate to 1 ° and in some cases up to 0.001 °. These rotary tables can be exchanged for fixed tables.

With Automatic pallet change, 2 pallet With Automatic pallet change, 2 pallet

This is a series of machines with a horizontal spindle.
Automatic tool change allows you to work in cycles. The center is characterized by an automatic pallet exchanger embedded directly in the machine. Each pallet is in the form of a rotary table with CNC control. Machines are designed for series-to-mass production in multi-mode operation.

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