BX-700, BX-700DD  - for 5axis machining


5axis CNC vertical machining center BX-700:

is determined for accurate and fast machining of various and complicated shapes, drilling, boring, taping and milling of hard and complicated shaped workpieces. Screws and spindle are cooled by POINT cooling system. Auto tool changer provide more effectivity and make all machining proces fast and systematic. And the fourth axis is built as a rotary table and replaces the fift axis. výklopné motorové vreteno. Stroj sa dodáva štandartne s riadiacim systémom Heidenhain iTNC530. Standard controller is Heidenhain iTNC530. 

5axis CNC vertical machining center BX-700DD:

The new model line titled DD direct drive with  high-precision control of tilting the spindle motor with a direct connection to ETEL motor. 

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Model BX-700BX-700DD
Table Size
mm 1600 x 700 1600 x 700
Travel ranges X mm 1400 1400
Travel ranges Y mm 710 710
Travel ranges Z mm 610 610
Spindle Center to Table Surface (Horizontal) mm 110-790 110-790
Spindle Nose to Table Surface (Vertical) mm 220-1030 220-1030
T-slot (W x D x N mm) mm 18x125x5 18x125x5
Max. weight workpieces kg 1200 1200
Table Diameter mm Ø630 Ø630
Rotation Speed ot./min. 50 (DD motor) 50 (DD motor)
Center Bore Diameter mm Ø60 Ø60
Max. weight workpiece kg 1000 1000
C-Axis Rated Torque ° 533 533
Spindle cone   ISO40 ISO40
Torque (con./max.) Nm 71,6 / 173 71,6 / 173
Conversion ratio (screw type)   0,09 0,09
B axis - spindle rotation   prevodovka DD E-TEL motor
B-Axis Rated Torque (Nm) ° 11 689
Spindle rotation speed ot./min. 16,6 50
Clamp Torque (Nm) Nm 1765 2950
Bearing Inner Diameter (mm) mm Ø70 Ø70
Spindle Speed (rpm) ot./min. 15000 15000
Main Motor (con/30min kw) kW 15/19,4 15/19,4
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z m/min) m/min. 36/36/24 36/36/24
Feed Rate m/min. 10 10
Tool Storage      
Exchange system   Hydraulic dual arm Hydraulic dual arm
Tool Storage Capacity pcs 30(40/60) 30(40/60)
Max. Tool Diamete mm Ø75 Ø75
Max. Tool Length mm 250 250
Max. Tool Weight kg 8 8
Air Requirement Mpa 0,6 0,6
Hydraulic tank capacity l 30 30
Power Requirement KVA 40 40
Coolant Tank Capacity l 450 450
Machine Weight kg 12000 12000
Machine Height mm 3200 3200
Floor Space (L x W mm) mm 3890x3180 3890x3180
Packing Size (L x W x H mm) mm 3230x2300x2560 3230x2300x2560


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